Black & White colour

Black & white is a timeless and classic colour combination often used to create simple and elegant art pieces. It can evoke feelings of sophistication, luxury, and creativity. Black & white versatile colour combination."

Complementary colours

Black & white are not one colour in the classical sense. They do not have specific wavelengths or hues. Instead, black is the absence of colour (or the combination of all colours absorbed), while white is the combination of all colours reflected.

In this case, we have a combination of two colours complementing each other.

  • The complementary colour of black is white.
  • The complementary colour of white is black.

What is a good contrasting colour combination with black & white?

High contrast between black & white itself creates a visually appealing and dynamic palette.

What is a neutral colour combination with black & white?

Grey is a neutral colour that complements black & white without competing with them, creating a harmonious balance.

Colour palette (examples)

Examples of colours that work well with black & white.

Keep in mind that colour palettes can vary depending on the design style, brand identity, and personal preferences. These palettes are meant to serve as a starting point for your design explorations.

Colours in the colour palette

  • Harmonize with the main colour
  • Create a visually appealing contrast with the main colour
  • Enhance the main colour without overpowering it
  • Create a cohesive and consistent look with the main colour

Monochromatic colours

  • Black: #000000
  • Dark Grey: #333333
  • Medium Grey: #666666
  • Light Grey: #999999
  • White: #FFFFFF